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NEW “EATERY” IN ALDERSON AMS - January 27, 2017 The   newest   business   in   Alderson   is   “Elisa’s   Eatery   and   Cold   Cuts   Emporium”   located   on   the   Monroe County   side   in   the   historic   business   district   in   the   Bridgewalk   Shops   building.      Open   from   11   -7,   Tuesday- Saturday,      Billy   and   Dawn   Painter   serve   a   wide   variety   of   hot   and   cold   sandwiches   and   have   an   excellent salad bar as well as home-made soups and pies. When   asked   why   they   opened   their   business,   Dawn   Painter   said,   “We   were   open   in   the   Green   Grocer   with a   slightly   different   menu   and,   when   they   closed,   there   was   nowhere   else   in   town   to   buy   fresh   meat   and produce   as   well   as   deli   meats   and   cheeses.      We   want   to   fill   that   gap.   It   was   a   natural   step   from   providing the fresh meat, deli meats and cheeses to serving delicious sandwiches.”  The   most   popular   menu   item   seems   to   be   the   cheeseburger.      Made   from   a   generous   portion   of   fresh-- never   frozen--ground   beef,   hand   formed   and   cooked   to   order,   it   comes   with   a   variety   of   toppings   on   a toasted    brioche    bun!       A    recent    addition    to    the    menu,    a    Philly    Cheesesteak    style    sandwich,    is    also becoming   very   popular.      The   homemade   soups   have   been   a   hit   during   the   cold   weather   but   are   likely   to disappear   in   the   spring   to   be   replaced   by   the   BBQ   customers   will   remember   from   the   Painter’s   previous location. Clay   Hambrick,   visiting   from   Manhattan,   said,   “This   Reuben   sandwich   is   as   good   as   any   I   have   had   in   New York.”      Other   customers   have   also   been   well   pleased   and   Dawn   Painter   said,   “We   have   had   excellent community support.” The   address   of   the   Eatery   is   201   South   Monroe   Street, Alderson   and   their   phone   number   is   304-445-6398.     The seating area is small and carry out orders are welcome. PHOTO CAPTIONS: Photo 1: The cheeseburger is their most popular menu item.  Just imagine this hamburger with cheese! Photo 2: The Reuben sandwich is made with marbled rye bread and tastes great. Photo 3: Billy and Dawn Painter, owners, welcome everyone to their new business.
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