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Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner! Alderson Main Street
If you’re not familiar with what Alderson Main Street has done, Click on the link below.  Visit Alderson Main Street’s Website Contact:  Margaret Hambrick  304-646-2439
Our   newly   established   Membership   Committee   has   come   up   with   a   great idea    for    a    fund-raiser    and    membership    event--a    Corned    Beef    and Cabbage Dinner for St. Patrick's Day! It   will   be   held   Friday,   March   16   at   the Alderson   Community   Center   Dinner will   be   served   from   5:30   until   7:30   p.m.   and   the   cost   will   be   $10.00   at   the door (no advanced ticket sales).
Hello all, The   menu   is   corned   beef,   cabbage,   potatoes,   roll,   dessert   and   drink.   This   is   a   project   of   the   AMS Membership   Committee   in   an   attempt   to   inform   people   about   AMS   and   increase   membership   as   well   as make a little money for AMS projects. Help   is   needed.   We   will   be   setting   up,   cooking,   and   cleaning   up   at   the ACC   during   the   day   on   Friday   the 16th.   Rich   Lohmeyer   will   be   heading   up   the   meal   prep.   Members   and   friends   are   encouraged   to   help prepare,   serve,   clean   up,   and   act   as   Host   and   help   tell   people   about AMS. All   skill   levels   are   needed   and no   food   handler's   card   is   required   since   Rich   and   several   others   have   cards.   Contact   Judy   Lohmeyer   for additional   information   (445-7348   or   992-2366)   and   to   find   out   how   you   can   help   and   what   time   you   need to be there. Please   also   help   us   get   the   word   out! Attached   is   a   flyer   that   can   be   printed   and   shared.   This   is   listed   as an   event   on   Main   Street's   FB   page   and   that   can   be   shared   if   you   are   on   FB.   Just   talking   to   people   is probably   the   best   way   and   all   can   do   that!   Please   announce   in   your   churches   and/or   put   in   your   church bulletins.   As   an   example   of   something   AMS   has   done   to   help   the   churches,   the   Easter   Sunrise   Service will   be   held   at   the   Gazebo.   It,   and   Alumni   Park,   would   not   be   there   without   the   efforts   of   AMS   and   its members. Thanks to all who are organizing this and who will help!