1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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Paint Brush, Anyone? If   you   want   something   done,   find   a   volunteer!   Luther   Lewallen   and   Richard   Witcher   have   volunteered   to paint the old Ashland Station in Alderson and they are hard at work. The   paint   project   would   not   have   been   possible   without   the   work   of   Fawn   Valentine   and   the   Beautification Committee   of   the Alderson   “HUB”   group   chaired   by Alderson   Main   Street   President   Jim   Russell.   Valentine applied   for   and   received   a   grant   to   pay   for   the   paint   and   supplies.   Other   members   of   the   Beautification Committee   include   Bo   and   Susan   Bowyer,   Richard   and   Marjorie   Witcher,   Linda   Loudermilk,   and   Ann Eskins. Another   volunteer   is   Ross   Copenhaver   who   has   taken   on   the   job   of   caring   for   the   flower   baskets   this summer.   Paid   for   by   donations   and   grown   by   Blue   Ridge   Farms   in   Williamsburg,   WV,   these   bright   red begonia   baskets   bring   a   festive   and   patriotic   touch   to   the   town.   However,   they   must   be   watered   several times each week and fertilized as well. They require constant attention and Ross stepped up. Volunteer   Christine Atwell   tends   the   flowers   at   City   Hall,   in   front   of   the   old Ashland   Station,   and   a   few   other places. Those driving by may see her weeding, pruning or planting. It   was   a   bit   hard   to   coordinate   the   removal   of   the   recycling   bins   and   volunteer   labor   so   the   “flud   mud”   from last   year   could   be   scooped   from   under   them   but   when   that   was   accomplished,   volunteer   Melinda   Russell was there with truck and shovel and started the clean-up. Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   “I   am   truly   grateful   to   have   such   a   great   crew   of   volunteers.   These   are wonderful   examples   and   there   are   many   others   who   also   work   to   make   Alderson   shine.   Thanks   to   all   of them.”
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