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ALDERSON MAIN STREET - NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 DATE December 5, 2017 Contact Alderson Main Street Improving The Community One Project At A Time
It   is   easy   to   get   so   caught   up   in   the   spirit   of   the   season   that   we   forget   those   who   work   or   volunteer   every day—holiday   or   not.      Saturday,   December   16   in Alderson   will   offer   some   very   special   opportunities   to   say thank you to our Alderson Volunteer Fire Department and EMS. They   are   holding   a   chili   dinner   from   6-8   at   the   fire   department   located   on   Railroad Avenue   on   the   Monroe side   of   Alderson.      For   a   donation,   visitors   can   enjoy   a   bowl   of   chili   with   a   piece   of   cornbread.      Santa   will arrive   at   6:15   p.m.   just   in   case   a   little   one   has   one   more   request   of   him   before   his   annual   visit.      The Alderson Elementary School choir will present a medley of traditional and new Christmas music. This   evening,   the AVFD   will   sponsor   the   “drive   under   the   lights”   of   the Alderson   Memorial   Bridge.      Visitors can   either   drive   their   own   cars   or   hitch   a   ride   from   the   fire   station   on   Alderson’s   first   fire   truck—a   1931 Model A Ford!  Donations are appreciated. New   this   year   is   the   opportunity   to   create   a   permanent   memory   of   this   Christmas   season   with   your   family.     Tarnished   Halo   Creations   photography   will   offer   the   opportunity   of   family   Christmas   pictures   or   pictures with Santa.  A variety of photo packages will be offered at affordable prices.  Alderson   shops   will   be   open   all   day   for   what   is   soon   to   be   last   minute   Christmas   shopping!      The   fabulous light   show   continues   on   the   south   end   of   Maple   Avenue   every   half   hour   Monday   -Thursday   6:30-8:00pm and Friday-Sunday 6:30-9:00 p.m. courtesy of Eyes on You Security. Santaland   continues   to   be   open   at   Alderson   Alumni   Park   just   at   the   end   of   the   Memorial   Bridge   on   the Monroe   County   side   of   Alderson.      Little   ones   and   bigger   ones   alike   can   visit   Santa’s   workshop   and   have their   photo   taken   in   Santa’s   sleigh.      Mrs.   Claus   sometimes   comes   by   to   check   on   things   and   is   available   to chat or have her photo taken. It   is   a   tradition   for   many   in Alderson   to   go   to   the   Community   Cantata   at   the   Old   Greenbrier   Baptist   Church.     Their   choir   is   joined   by   other   voices   from   throughout   the   community,   under   the   direction   of   Dell   Wood   and accompanied   by   Nancy   Wood.      It   is   always   an   inspiring   event   which   leaves   its   listeners   with   a   sense   of contentment   and   readiness   for   Christmas.      This   year   the   cantata   will   be   held   at   3   p.m.   on   Sunday, December   17   at   OGBC.      Light   refreshments   will   be   served   in   the   Fellowship   Hall   immediately   after   the concert. On   the   last   weekday   before   Christmas,   Saturday,   December   23,   the   “drive   under   the   lights”   will   be sponsored   by   the   Grand   Illumination   to   help   defray   some   of   the   costs   of   the   holiday   decorations.      This   will be   the   last   chance   this   year   to   have   this   old   fashioned   experience   from   the   days   when   the   Alderson Memorial Bridge was open to vehicular traffic all the time. Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   “This   season   goes   so   quickly   that   we   sometimes   feel   we   missed   it.     Alderson   provides   an   opportunity   to   make   some   family   memories   that   will   last   until   next   year.      We   hope   to see you soon.” PHOTO   CAPTION:      EMS   vehicles   “drive   under   the   lights”   of   the   Alderson   Memorial   Bridge   during   the Christmas parade on Friday, December 1.
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