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The   weekend   of   December   1-3   will   be   an   exciting   time   in   Alderson!   Starting   on   Friday,   December   1,   with the   crowning   of   the   Queen   of   Lights   Grace   Boettner   at   6:00   p.m.   and   continuing   with   the   parade   and   then the   treats   and   visit   from   Santa   at   the   Community   Center,   this   weekend   promises   to   be   very   special.   You can   drive   under   the   lights   on   the Alderson   Memorial   Bridge   from   6-8   by   making   a   donation   to   the Alderson July 4th Committee whose members are sponsoring this event. New   this   year   is   the   light   display   on   the   south   end   of   Maple   Avenue   behind   the   Big   Wheel   restaurant. Visitors   will   be   able   to   sit   in   the   comfort   of   their   vehicle   and   listen   to   the   sequenced   music   from   their   car radio   while   they   enjoy   the   light   show. A   sign   in   the   yard   will   have   the   station   to   which   to   tune   the   radio. The light   shows   are   about   20   minutes   long   with   a   short   pause   between   songs   and   are   free   to   watch   and   enjoy. The   shows   can   be   seen   every   half   hour   Monday   -Thursday   6:30-8:00pm   and   Friday-Sunday   6:30-9:00 p.m. courtesy of Eyes on You Security. On   Saturday,   December   2,   the   Johnson   Memorial   United   Methodist   Church   will   be   holding   their   bazaar starting at 9 and lasting until 3. Lunch will also be served there. The   annual Train   Show   at   the   newly   restored   Historic   1896   C&O   Depot   will   open   at   10   and   continue   until   4 on   Saturday.   Coordinated   by   Lanny   Howe,   several   local   train   enthusiasts   will   have   their   model   trains   on display.   This   historic   setting,   with   real   trains   going   by,   adds   ambiance   to   the   show.   The   drive   under   the lights   of   the   Alderson   Memorial   Bridge,   again   from   6-8,   will   be   sponsored   by   the   Alderson   Community Center. Of   course,   all   the   great   Alderson   shops   will   be   open   to   meet   your   Christmas   shopping   needs.   If   you   did not   make   it   out   on   Small   Business   Saturday,   this   is   another   chance   to   support   the   local   owners   of   these shops. On   Sunday,   December   3,   the   Methodist   Church   will   continue   their   bazaar   and   lunch   from   noon   to   3;   the train   show   in   the   Historic   1896   C&O   Depot   will   be   open   from   1-4;   and   the   Old   Victorian   Inn   will   celebrate an   “Old   Fashioned   Christmas”   by   offering   hot   cider   and   inviting   visitors   to   view   their   Christmas   decorations on the first floor from 1-4. Also   on   Sunday,   December   3   from   noon   to   5   p.m.,   there   will   be   a   fundraiser   dinner   with   live   and   silent auction   at   the   Alderson   Community   Center.   Planned   to   raise   money   for   medical   and   living   expenses   for Alderson   Police   Officer   “Mac”   Brackenrich   who   was   seriously   injured   in   an   off-duty   incident,   this   event epitomizes the spirit of Christmas giving. Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   “When   you   write   it   all   down,   it   is   hard   for   even   me   to   believe   there   is   so much going on. Please join us for some or all of these activities and support small town living at its best!” PHOTO CAPTION: Model trains are fascinating for all ages.