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A Witch For Christmas!
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Contact:  Margaret Hambrick  304-646-2439        
Getting   a   witch   for   Christmas   may   sound   a   bit   crazy   but   not   if   it   is   a   copy   of   the   book,   “Jackson   vs.   Witchy Wanda:   Making   Kid   Soup”   by   Belinda Anderson.   This   is   a   great   story   for   the   in-between   age   group   that   is too   old   for   children’s   stories   and   not   old   enough   for   teen   novels.   Set   in   a   town   which   will   remind   the   reader of Alderson, it includes many local landmarks such as the depot. This   and   other   books   by   Anderson   such   as   “Buckle   Up,   Buttercup”,   “The   Well   Ain’t   Dry   Yet”,   and   “The Bingo   Cheaters”   make   great   gifts   for   the   young   and   not   so   young.   Anderson   will   be   autographing   these and   copies   of   her   four   volume Alderson   series,   “History   Highlights   and   Tantalizing   Tidbits”   about   the   town, at Alderson’s Store on Saturday, December 16 starting at 2:00 p.m. Often   a   topic   in Anderson’s Alderson   series,   Mrs. Alex   McVeigh   Miller   is   also   the   subject   of   a   recent   book, “Groom   of   the   Tomb”   by   Demian   Katz,   a   librarian   at   Villanova   University.   His   work   was   inspired   by   a collection   of   her   novels   found   in   the   basement   of   the   library.   This   book   is   also   available   at   Alderson’s Store. Mayor   Travis   Copenhaver   said,   “If   you   are   tired   of   your   kids   or   grandkids   always   playing   video   games, perhaps   what   they   would   respond   to   is   a   really   exciting   book.   ‘Jackson   vs.   Witchy   Wanda’   may   be   just what you are looking for.” All Alderson   shops   will   be   open   on   Saturday   and   the Alderson   Fire   Department   and   EMS   activities   start   at 6:00 p.m. PHOTO   CAPTION:   The   cover   of   the   book   “Jackson   vs.   Witchy   Wanda:   Making   Kid   Soup”   by   Belinda Anderson.