1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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ALDERSON "Set Like an Emerald Chain" Belinda Anderson
Alderson    Main    Street    has    just    published    Volume    IV    of    its    history    booklet    series    by    author    Belinda Anderson:   ALDERSON   "Set   Like   an   Emerald   Chain":   History   Highlights   and   Tantalizing   Tidbits.   The booklet   is   available   for   $8,   plus   $1   for   shipping   and   handling   from   Alderson   Main   Street,   P.O.   Box   117, Alderson,   WV   24910.   A   set   of   all   four   of   the   volumes   is   available   for   $28   and   $2   shipping   and   handling. Alderson   Main   Street   does   not   accept   credit   cards,   but   inquiries   about   the   booklets   can   be   directed   to (304) 646-2439. If   you   want   to   pick   up   copies   in   person,   they   are   available   from Alderson's   Store   during   their   winter   hours on   Fridays   and   Saturdays.   The   Depot   Shop   and   Bridgewalk   Shops,   which   usually   carry   the   booklet,   are closed until March.
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Contact:  Margaret Hambrick  304-646-2439