1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
ALDERSON MAIN STREET NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 August 31, 2016 Contact Alderson Main Street Improving The Community One Project At A Time
Visitor’s Center Welcomes Artisans Gallery Hello all, Alderson   Main   Street   is   pleased   to   welcome   the Artisans   Gallery   to   their   "mini-gallery"   space   in   the   Visitors Center.      While   they   are   waiting   on   their   own   space   to   be   repaired,   they   will   temporarily   occupy   the   office and museum room of the Visitors Center. Come celebrate with everyone! "The   Artisans   Gallery   wishes   to   invite   you   to   the   opening   of   our   "Mini   Gallery"   at   the   Alderson   Visitor's Center on September 1 from 5-8 PM! We   will   be   offering   a   sampling   of   artisan   work   that   will   begin   our   transition   back   to   the   larger   gallery   space in the future. Please come in and enjoy some treats as Alderson recovers from the flood! Support local artisans!"         (Clck on photo for larger view)