1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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Local Author Featured On Blog:  50 Authors From 50 States Starting   on   November   27,   local   author   Belinda   Anderson   is   the   featured   author   on   a   blog   titled   “Fifty Authors   from   Fifty   States.      It   can   be   found   at   https://annettesnyder.blogspot.com/ .      Anderson,   a   Monroe County   native,   has   authored   four   books   and   has   countless   other   publication   credits.      She   has   also   written three   volumes   of   “History   Highlights   and   Tantalizing   Tidbits”   about Alderson,   WV.      The   latest   volume   went on   sale   on   November   17   and   is   available   at   the   Alderson   Visitors   Center,   BridgeWalk   Shops,   and   at   the Christmas Tour, Tea, and Music event at the Cedars on Sunday, December 4 for $8. When   she   started   this   blog,   Novelist   Annette   Snyder   wanted   to   show   off   the   talent   across   America   and mingle   that   with   where   it   was   from   so   readers   can   get   a   real-life   view   of   the   USA.      She   said,   “Every   week readers   get   a   glimpse   of   a   different   part   of   the   country   and,   at   the   same   time,   broaden   their   horizons   by investigating a new genre, and author, publishing house, writing community—the list goes on.”  Alderson   Main   Street   President   Jim   Russell   said,   “We   are   so   proud   to   have   Belinda   represent   West Virginia   on   this   blog.      We   are   also   proud   to   have   her   be   the   author   of   the   three   volumes   about   Alderson.     The quality of her research and writing is superb.”