1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
ALDERSON MAIN STREET NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 Improving The Community One Project At A Time
Alderson   Moving   Forward:   Invites   YOU   to   be   a   part.   The   West   Virginia   Community   Development   Hub   and   Alderson Main   Street   invite   all   citizens   of   the Alderson   area   to   a   community   meeting   to   discuss   opportunities   to   grow   and   diversify the   local   economy.   There   will   be   a   community   wide   meeting   at   6:30   p.m.   on   Monday,   September   12   in   the   old   gym   of the Alderson Community Center at 400 Virginia Street in Alderson. Dan   Taylor,   Director   for   the   West   Virginia   Community   Development   Hub   said,   "We   hope   to   see   many   engaged   citizens that   are   committed   to   this   community   and   ready   to   be   involved   in   making   positive   change."   This   initiative   was   under development   by   our   own   local   HUB   group   chaired   by   Jim   Russell   long   before   the   June   flooding   but   the   negative   impact that   event   had   on   local   businesses   makes   it   even   more   important   that   citizens   of   the   Alderson   area   come   to   this meeting and get involved.   (Click on photo for larger view)
Alderson Moving Forward