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ALDERSON MAIN STREET - NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 DATE: January 19, 2018 Contact Alderson Main Street Improving The Community One Project At A Time
2018 Goals for Alderson Main Street Hello all Alderson Main Street Members and Friends, At   our   meeting   last   night,   new   officers   were   elected   for   2018.   They   are   Jim   Russell,   President;   Judy Lohmeyer,   Vice   President;   Sue   Fleshman,   Secretary;   and   Margaret   Hambrick,   Treasurer.      A   heartfelt thanks   was   expressed   to   out   going   officers   Judy   Lewallen   and   Doris   Kasley.      Judy   has   been   selflessly working   for   Main   Street   and   the   good   of Alderson   since   the   rejuvenation   of AMS   by   Tom   and   Neta   Roush.     Doris has been equally involved since she came to live in Alderson full time about 5 years ago. Given   the   new   officers   and   a   new   year,   President   Russell   has   scheduled   a   planning   meeting   for   9:00   a.m. on   Saturday,   Feb   3   at   City   Hall.     All   are   welcome.      In   preparation   for   the   meeting,   a   tentative   list   of   goals,   in no   particular   order,   is   attached.   Please   take   time   to   look   at   the   list   and   rank   your   top   3   by   numbering   the choices.      If   you   have   goals   to   add,   please   do   so   and   include   them   in   your   rankings.      If   you   cannot   attend the   meeting,   you   can   return   the   form   by   e-mail   to   jamesrussell681@gmail.com   and   your   input   will   be considered. Thanks and here's to another great year! 2018 Goals for Alderson Main Street [Please   rank   these   possible   goals   in   order   of   criticality,   with   1   being   the   most   critical   and   9   being   the   least critical] ___ Secure funding for, and hire, a full-time Coordinator/Executive Director ___ Develop a planning calendar for each AMS event (Strawberry Festival, Community Picnic, Brick                                          Top Event, Small Business Day, Grand Illumination)     ___ Develop and implement a Shop Alderson campaign     ___ Determine site for, and implement, a new Visitors’ Center    ___ Adopt/re-adopt AMS bylaws   ___         Recruit additional members   ___         Integrate funding for AMS events into the annual budget  ___         Support utilization of the depot  ___ ________________________________________ (Suggest a critical goal)
If you’re not familiar with what Alderson Main Street has done, Click on the link below. Visit Alderson Main Street’s Website
Contact:  Margaret Hambrick  304-646-2439