1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
2016 Alderson Flood Causby Parker - 6-25-2016
We   are   fine   but   there   are   so   many   who   are   simply   devastated!   Rescuers   have   had   to   have   room   to   work   &   I   did   not try   to   get   into   the   heart   of   the   mess   to   get   photos.   We   had   lots   of   warnings   but   this   one   was   of   such   magnitude there was no way to prepare. Everything looked fine @ midnight& by 2 or 3 a..m., the whole town was engulfed. Ft.   Sprgs.   HILL   is   definitely   going   to   require   a   lot   of   repair. Am   enclosing   pics   taken   by   Cindy   LaFon   of   Fairlea,   for you to see for yourself. First pics are at bottom of hill, you see the Muddy Creek Mtn. Access Rd.
This   shows   where   the   creek   has   come   out   of   its   banks   &   is   flowing   above   the mill    between    the    mill    @    the    Paul    &    Sharon    McCallister    house    (once    the Chester   McCallister   house.   There   is   a   lady   living   in   the   mill   building   now.   She has worked had at dressing up the outside entrance.
Pictures, courtesy of Lois Loudermilk Davis: Massive chunk of road missing on Asbury side of Mdy. Crk. Mtn.
House   just   up   the   street   from   Catholic   Church   on   river avenue.   This   is   my   nieces   grandmothers'   house.   The water   came   up   so   quickly,   She   &   her   husband   got   out with    just    the    the    clothes    on    their    backs.    No    flood insurance. Pics posted by Carrie Pinnell.