1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
2015 Alderson Quilters & Crafters Exhibit Causby Parker - 5-31-2015 (Click on photos for larger view) On Sunday, May 31, 2015, The Alderson Quilters & Crafters held their spring retreat at The Alderson Community Center. Some   of   the   quilts   on   display   were   for   sale,   but   most   were   for   display   only.     As   you   can   see,   there   were   many   lovely   quilts and millions of stitches and hours put into these fabulous works of art. There   was   one   quilt   in   the   center   of   the   room   which   is   up   for   Raffle   for   the   purpose   of   raising   money   for The   Center,   If   you wish to purchase tickets for the Quilt raffle , you may contact Lucinda Ward @ 801-842-4813. My   sincere   apologies   if   I   left   out   pictures   of   anyone's   quilt.   Great   job   ladies!   Keep   up   the   good   work!   Take   note   that   in   the background, the exhibit was held in the original Alderson High School Gymnasium. The Alderson Quilters & Crafters meet on the 4th Monday of every month @ 10 A.M. at the community center. Regards, Causby "Scoop" Parker
This is the raffeled quilt. Drawing December 7, 2015.