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Alderson Community Center's Flea Market and Fund Raiser November 4, 2017   Please   come   support   the   Alderson   Community   Center's   flea   market   by   attending   and   buying   items   that   are for   sale. Also,   you   can   take   advantage   of   renting   one   or   more   tables   to   sell   your   items.   Cost   is   just   ten   dollars per   table   and   proceeds   from   the   eight-foot   table/s   rentals   will   go   to   benefit   the   community   center.   You   can rent   more   than   one   table,   if   you   so   desire.   Hours   are   from   8:30-3:00.   If   you   have   any   questions,   please   call (304) 445-7591.