Alderson Community
Copywrite Alderson Community Center - 1992
In Operation Since 1992
Alderson Community Center
For the
Arts and Humanities
PO Box 552
Alderson, WV 24910
  July 09
Dear Alumni and Friends:
Alderson is very proud of our Community Center in the old Alderson High School. Our Community Center is thriving and providing a
much needed service to our citizens. It is used for a variety of activities such as basketball, private showers and parties, civic and
club meetings, talent shows, craft show, pageants and plays.
The Center has managed to stay financially secure, a struggle at times. Although to stay this way much volunteer help – both
physical and monetary had to be provided.
Our project at present is installing curtains on the stage in the gymnasium. The cost for the curtains and installation is approximately
$8,000.00. We have started a savings account at City National Bank for this project. The directors agreed to do the project and feel
the gym will look 100% better and the sound will also be much improved. However, we need money to complete paying for the
We need your help! Memberships are $25.00 a year and if you’d like to participate by joining/rejoining or donating toward this
project, our community and board would be most grateful. Any amount is appreciated.
Please try to visit the High School Building during the 4th-walk down memory lane-admire what we have done and ignore what we
have not been able to do. Remember, the fun times and please help us by sending or giving a check to Betty P. Smith, PO Box 552,
Alderson, WV 24910. Feel free to call any board member if you have any questions.
Thank you so very much for any help that you can give.
Sincerely yours,
ACC Board Officers & Directors
Lois Ann McVey for
Richard E. Parker, Jr., President
Board of Directors - Rick Parker * Betty Jo Johnson * Betty P. Smith * Susan Bowyer * Lois McVey Thompson
Clara P. Hardesty * Ray Still * Becky Pence * Mary C. Godby * Ann H. Eskins * Marjorie Witcher * Luther Lewallen
Vickie M. Ambler * Rick Burns * Phyllis Auvil * Jack Gadd * Lee Spence