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Improving The Community One Project At A Time” PO Box 117 -  Alderson W Va.  24910 Made with Xara © Alderson Main Street 2013  Gas Was How Much? Margaret Hambrick Slowly but surely the old Gulf Gas Station, built in 1955 by Harry Meredith to replace his old one across the  highway, is regaining some of its former appearance.  On July 2 & 3, two period gas pumps were installed in front  of the station. The restoration is sponsored by Alderson Main Street with the help of grants from the WV Division of Highway’s Transportation Alternatives Grant Program. Beautifully restored and installed by Bob Elam, the pumps are set to reflect the gas prices of the day—21 cents per gallon for regular and 27 cents per gallon for high test! Jim Meredith, son of the builder and visiting during the July 4th parade, said of Alderson Main Street, “You all have  done a great job with this place.” Several visitors noted that they would come to the station to get a quarter’s worth of gas and that would allow them  to run around all weekend.  Others said, “I used to pump gas at that station.” Now a visitor’s center for the Town of Alderson and called the Greenbrier River Interpretive Center (GRIC), it will  be open daily through July 10 to provide information and to allow visitors to view the traveling exhibit “Born of  Rebellion:  West Virginia Statehood.” Alderson Main Street President Betty Thomas said, “We hope to keep it open more after the first of September  when we begin a partnership with Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River.  For now, it is partially open on Saturday  mornings in conjunction with the Alderson Community Market which is held in the parking lot.”  Bob Elam Jim Meredith (Click on photo for larger view)