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Improving The Community One Project At A Time” PO Box 117 -  Alderson W Va.  24910 Made with Xara © Alderson Main Street 2013 Alumni Park Update Tom Dameron March 28, 2010 The terrible winter of 2010 seems to finally be over. The recent winter snows should completely satisfy those who  long for the “winters of our childhood years.” With spring upon us the tulips appear they will be in full bloom in  time for Easter, Now, I would like to report on Alumni Park progress.  As you read this report there are some time- lines that I would like to point out. Brick orders must be in within the  next two weeks. We are requesting contributions for this year’s scholarship award to an incoming senior. The  Easter Sunrise Service will be conducted at Alumni Park.  First: It appears that the bronze plaques for memorial benches, flag poles, and trees will be in place by the 4th. Second: We will be completing a brick order within the next two weeks. That means if you would like to order a  brick then get in touch with us now. As you know they are $50 for three lines of text with 18 characters per line.  This order will ensure that your brick is also in place in time for the 4th. Also we estimate that we will have the  sidewalk completely filled with bricks with two or three more orders. This has been very popular and all of those  who have ordered bricks seem very pleased. If you want to order a brick call me at 304 839-7178 and I will help  you compose the language, or email me at We currently have orders for about 50 bricks  and would like to add at least another 20 or so. The profit from this project is used for the maintenance and improvement of the park. We hope to keep adding  landscaping and other improvements as this park has become the second most popular site in our town (next to  the depot) Third: We continue to look for sponsors of events to use the gazebo. Happily, we are pleased to tell you that this  year the annual Easter Sunrise Service will be conducted at Alumni Park. This is a real honor, and the weather  report indicates a beautiful day so this “special service” will be enhanced by the sheer beauty of the river and  mountains. If your plans for the holiday include a trip to Alderson please include this memorable service in your  plan. The Johnson Memorial Methodist Church will host a “breakfast” immediately after the “service” and all are  invited to join in the “fellowship” of this occasion. Please plan to attend. Fourth: Last year we instituted a “scholarship” for an upcoming Senior at Greenbrier East High School. The  requirement is that the recipient live in the geographic area that formerly served Alderson High School. We hope  that we can increase the stipend each year in order to eventually make it a really meaningful contribution to the  college education of a deserving young man or woman. The only funds available for the scholarship are those  that are contributed to that specific purpose. With this said I would ask you to consider making a donation to the  Scholarship Fund, and mail it to Alderson Main Street P O Box 117 Alderson, WV 24910. We need funds now,  and would really appreciate your consideration in this matter. We have a small balance from last year, but not  nearly enough to ensure that we will be in a position to insure that we have enough to make this year’s  scholarship. A contribution of $25 would be good. A contribution of $50 would be really good, but anything that  you can afford will help. I am pleased to report that last year’s recipient, Josh Whitt had a great senior year at East. As reported last year  just after the award was made Josh was the Student Body President at Greenbrier East High School. The award  was presented to him by another Student Body President of 70 years ago Bill Simmons along with the help of  another Alderson special Alumni, Marjorie Lobban. The first award was dedicated to the memory of Mr. H. R.  McVey (more than 50 members of Mr. McVey’s family were in attendance for the ceremony), and Miss Stella  Nelson.  Further, about Josh. We are all very excited to report to you that Josh has been accepted and will be attending  the U. S. Naval Academy next year. His outstanding academic, and extra-curricular activities made Josh one of 4  finalists for the slot at the Academy, and eventually the successful candidate. Josh will depart in early July for  summer camp and the entire Alderson community wishes him every success, and we will certainly follow his  academic and military career with great interest and “Alderson Pride.” Your contribution will help another young person in his or her drive for excellence. This is truly a fund worth  considering in your charitable endeavors. In conclusion I would like to report that each year Alderson is blessed with a visit from groups of youngsters (high  school and college age) from all over the country. These young people come here to assist in many projects  involving the community, and in many cases individuals within the community. Last year we were fortunate to  have a group of youngsters from Indiana help with painting and clean-up at the park. This year we expect to host  another group who will assist in this work.  We look forward to seeing each of you in Alderson over the 4th, and especially those of you who will be  celebrating a “class reunion” during your visit.