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Improving The Community One Project At A Time” PO Box 117 -  Alderson W Va.  24910 Made with Xara © Alderson Main Street 2013  Alderson Alumni Park Update March 1, 2009 By Tom Dameron   Today is March 1 and as reported to you earlier we had used this date as the deadline for brick sales for the  upcoming year. Slower than expected sales have forced us to extend the deadline until March 31, 2009 for your  brick order. If you want to have your brick installed before the 4th of July 2009 then please get your order in ASAP but in no event later than March 31. Remember you get 3 lines of 18 characters per line (commas and spaces are  characters). The cost is $50 per brick. Send your check and the wording that you would like to Alderson Main  Street, P. O. 117, Alderson WV 24910. During the next two months we expect to have all of the benches (7) that have been ordered in place, and will  order the memorial plaques for all. In addition we believe that we will have a benefactor who is providing funding  for a flag pole which we will order and attempt to have in place by the 4th of July. You may recall that the VFW is  planning to erect a flag pole which will give us space for the American and the Town Flag (if it is ever completed).  If the Flag "Gods" determine that the town is not to have a flag then the great state of WV flag will fly proudly next  our nation's flag. We received a gift in December that will permit us to plant at least two and possibly four trees in the park  (depending on the cost) so that these trees can take root and hopefully begin their growth cycle to maturity during our collective life times. Also thanks to our gifts flowers will again adorn the railroad avenue entrance to the park.  We would like to get someone with a tractor in there to loosen up the soil in the park so that we can fertilize and  plant grass. If we can round up some volunteers we will give the gazebo a fresh coat of paint and install the lattice work  around the sides of the gazebo as well as seal the decking on that structure. If anyone would like to volunteer to help in our spring preparation and clean up activities please call me Tom  Dameron, 305 839-7178 or email me. Thanks for your support in this very important endeavor.