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AMS News.8.17.16
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Alderson's Tribute To Bricktop
Alderson's Tribute To Bricktop On   Sunday   August   28   at   7pm   Alderson   will   celebrate   the   122nd   Birthday   of   Ada   Beatrice   Queen   Victoria Louise   Virginia   Smith   a.k.a.   Bricktop.   Singer,   dancer   and   Paris   night   club   owner   of   the   1920s   and   30s,   Bricktop was   born   in Alderson,   WV.   She   was   called   Bricktop   because   of   her   auburn   hair   and   a   face   full   of   freckles. After the   death   of   her   father   the   family   moved   to   Chicago.   That   is   where   Ada   discovered   her   talent   for   entertaining and hosting. When   she   moved   to   Paris   in   the   early   1920s   she   decided   to   open   her   own   club   called   Chez   Bricktop.   Cole Porter   was   a   fan   and   after   hearing   Bricktop   talk   about   a   lynching,   wrote   a   song   for   her   based   on   a   comment she   made   (this   song   will   be   performed   by   Suzanna   Robinson-Kenga).   Ada   used   to   say   that   the   success   of   a night was based on the number of Kings in attendance. The most was 5 not counting the Prince of Wales. Ada   "Bricktop"   Smith   was   always   proud   of   her   West   Virginia   heritage.   She   would   tell   interviewers   that   she was born in "West, by God, Virginia". Come   to   Alderson   and   celebrate   Bricktop   with   the   Robinson-Kenga   Trio;   plus   a   surprise   guest.   Sit   on   the Memorial   Bridge   overlooking   the   Greenbrier   River,   listen   to   wonderful   jazz,   dance   and   watch   the   sunset   over the mountains. Bring a chair and your friends. This   concert   is   free   and   sponsored   by   the   Town   of   Alderson,   Alderson   Main   Street   and   Greenbrier   County Commission Arts & Recreation. (Click on photos for larger view)