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Improving The Community One Project At A Time” PO Box 117 -  Alderson W Va.  24910 Made with Xara © Alderson Main Street 2013 LIMITED EDITION TOWN FLAGS TO BE AUCTIONED TO HIGHEST BIDDER" On June 15, 2009 the Town of Alderson announced the design and  production of a Town Flag (See News Release "Alderson Unveils Town  Flag"). The FIRST TEN of the Alderson Flags are numbered in sequence on the  lower right hand corner of the flag "One of Ten" Two ……………..Ten of  Ten. The first three flags of this Premiere Edition will be auctioned off by  live auction at the Banquet on July 3, 2009, Randy Burdette Auctioneer.  These flags will "no doubt" be real collector's items in the years to come. There is a minimum reserve bid for the first three flags as follows: Minimum bid that will be accepted for flag  numbered One of Ten is $175.00. The Minimum bid for the flag numbered Two of Ten is $150.00 and the  Minimum bid for the flag numbered Three of Ten is $125.00. In the event that you are unable to attend the Banquet or the auction, or would prefer to send your bid in prior  to the auction even though you will be attending then you should do the following: Email your bid to Tom Dameron at or call your bid In to 304 839-7178. You should include your name and telephone number and indicate which flag that you wish to bid on (Either  number one, two, or three). Remember your Bid must be at least the minimum required for each of the The three flags as set forth above. This is your opportunity to buy a piece of Alderson History in the making, and to support the most worthy  causes of "Alderson Main Street." All proceeds from this sale of flags will go to the Alderson Main Street, and  be used for the many projects sponsored for the betterment of our Town. It is a Win - Win situation.