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Content From Newspapers Past

David Fisher / Barry Worrell - January 1, 2013

The other day David Fisher sent me some old newspapers. Among them was a 1936 Alderson Advertiser, a 1954 Alderson Times, two of Alderson's early newspapers, and a 1959 Monroe Watchman.

Below are some advertisements I scanned from the papers. The top two are from the 1936 Alderson Advertiser. Tom Dameron has spent extensive time on transcribing several pages he sent to me for the Aldersonian, which you can see here. If you've never read these pages, please check them out.

The two middle, and the bottom left, photos are from the 1954 Alderson Times.

The last one is when the Mercury recording artist, The Crew Cuts came to the W. V. State Fair, and this ad was in a 1959 Monroe Watchman.  (click on photo for larger view)

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