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What Really Happen To Wire's Teeth

Barry Worrell  - April 20, 2011

This story of Wire Grimmett's teeth has gone on long enough. And the longer it goes, the more bizarre it gets. That might not be too bad because everyone seems to believe what ever is said. Since Alex McLaughlin has let it be known that I was involved in a very small way, I have to "come clean", so to speak, and reveal the truth of what really happen to Wire's teeth.

Keep in mind there were many who were duped while obtaining and perpetuating information on the teeth; Paul Bland, Alex McLaughlin, Rick Hughes, and Bobby Holliday, that I know of.  I would dare say there could be hundreds of others we don't know about.

In Paul's case, he was merely relating the story. (see here for Paul's story, but don't go there now, I want you to hear all of this first). We do know Paul was caught by Alex and Rick, and vice versa, trying to sneak in and find out if they were in the bank in a safety deposit box. Bob Holliday believed Sergei was a Russian posing as Wire's cousin and even that fact was not true. He was actually an agent of the U. S. Government, working as a double agent between the United States and Russia. Whether it was a case of protecting national security, that could be debated for there are still those who think so.

It is true, I did hack into Sergei's computer, but I made up the story about his corresponding with his Russian superior Boris on the matter, and what was in the emails. That was to satisfy Alex, Paul, and Rick once and for all. Sergei Grimmitt was really German born, Erik von Hupeneule.  Erik was one of a long line of U. S. agents that had been looking for Wire's teeth for many years. You see, Wire was telling the truth about giving his teeth to a lovely lady he had invited to dinner, many years ago in Detroit (also in Paul's story). Even segments of our government didn't know that the lady was one of their own agents! And the reason she wanted his teeth was to drill a small hole in them and implant a piece of microfilm. This microfilm contained the secret location of the shelter, that would house the President, House and Senate members in case of an atomic bomb attack. Of course, we West Virginians know that shelter is under the ground at the Greenbrier Hotel at White Sulphur Springs. That's why the long and arduous search for the teeth. Then, what was in the safety security box? The  safety box was Wire's, however it only contained an old tooth brush and a half used tube of tooth paste. But, where are Wire's teeth, you might say? According to the files I read from Erik's (Sergei) computer, they are now located in the Nevada desert at a place better known as Area 51. Don't you know that's where the Government keeps all of our secrets?

The lessons learned here:

1. Don't believe everything someone tells you and don't believe everything you read.

2. Don't try to sneak in to a bank at night. The person that discovers you won't always be someone you know and is there for the same reason.

3. If you're a bank manager, be careful about giving out safety deposit boxes.

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