Alderson High School, Alderson, W. Va. 1936 - 1962

Memorial Field, Alderson W. Va.

"This Field is Dedicated to Those Who Served
and to Those Who Lost Their Lives from This
Community in World War II . "

On September 13, 1946 , the Alderson High School Field was formally dedicated as Memorial Field and was thus established as the first Living War Memorial in the State of West Virginia following the close of World II . The dedication ceremonies were conducted by the Lee C . Tait Chapter No. 3112, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Memorial Field became not only the first Living War Memorial in the State, but also was the first field in the Greenbrier Valley to be lighted, and some of the largest crowds ever to witness Alderson High School Football were able to attend the games played under the lights after the opening of the field.

Memorial Field came into being through the dedicated efforts of many of the of our School, several of whom were also returning from war service. Through the ideas, solicitations and continued efforts of our Alumni, working together with Coach McLaughlin, a living memorial in the form of a lighted football field became an actuality. The funds to complete the project were entirely obtained through local contributions and solicitations and from our athletic program. To those whose sincere hard work made this project a most successful one, the players, students, the citizens of our Community owe their undying gratitude.


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