Alderson High School, Alderson, W. Va. 1936 - 1962

Alderson Indians Commemorative Football Helmets

If you played football for Coach Abe, you wore one of these helmets. Or you had the honor of seeing the boys wear them as they played the game. You understand what this means to you. This is for you. You can bring back those great memories and keep them close to you.

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See photos and testimony of the first owner of a AHS football helmet.

Just as they were produced over 40 years ago, each helmet is individually painted, with hand-applied decals/striping, and manually assembled from more than seventy (70) parts. The machine-sewn leather jaw pads, vintage face mask, riveted-in military style patented cloth-suspension and classic flared shell shape and size make the helmet immediately identifiable with that great era of football. The smallest details, such as using the original brown thread stitching in the cotton suspension and using only original thin mil decals and striping (underneath suspension rivets) has not been overlooked to insure that these reproductions are accurate.

You can also add a one bar or a two bar face guard, or no bar at all. And if you really want to dress it up, add the Indian Head decal to the sides of the helmet to show it's of Alderson High School. Even add your number on the back. Or leave all of it off the helmet, including the top stripe, and keep it plain. Design it the way you want or keep it original.

These helmets have been featured in the movie "The Express", and on the National Football League's TV commercial in the 2012 Super Bowl. College and NFL teams have these helmets in their museums to show their history. You can also find them in the personal collections of college and NFL players. When you visit the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, you will see them there.

Ladies, we know your husband has everything, buying a gift is hard to do as they get older. Trust us, he doesn't have one of these.

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