Alderson High School, Alderson, W. Va. 1936 - 1962

Alderson High School

This Brochure of Alderson High School Athletics was prepared from the information available as a memento to the former players and students of A. A. McLaughlin, as well as for the benefit of his many friends.

The irony is that it must be presented at a time which all of us have deeply regretted  -  the retirement from active coaching of Abe McLaughlin. May this Brochure always recall this occasion and bring back fond memories to all us who had the privilege of active participation in the athletic program under the leadership of  Coach McLaughlin.

The immediately following pages are dedicated to each Football Team who played under Coach during his 26 years here at Alderson High School. The Squad or team pictures for each year, with the exception of four pictures which could not be located, together with each squad's record are presented. In lieu of the four pictures which could not be found, the first offensive team lineup has been illustrated.    

The Combined Record of McLaughlin Coached Football Teams follows:

Hillsboro 1931-1935  -   Won 32 - Lost 8 - Tied 3

Alderson 1936-1961  -   Won 182  -  Lost 50  -  Tied 16

Total  =  Won 214  -  Lost 58 - Tied 19


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