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August 5, 2009
The Alderson Community Center for the Arts and Humanities, Inc. Board of Directors began the fiscal year
at their July 28, 2009 meeting by enthusiastically planning activities for the upcoming months.  Richard
Parker, newly elected president, presided at the meeting.  Other officers are Betty Johnson, Vice-President;
Susan Bowyer, secretary; and Betty P. Smith, treasurer.
The directors were pleased with the results of the installation of sound panels in the auditorium/gym and
are having more installed.
$2,500 was received from the Hollowell Foundation toward repairing the chimney which will cost $5,000. 
The directors expressed appreciation for the support the Hollowell Foundation has given the center.
Marjorie S. Witcher, Chairman of the Arts, Crafts & More show, announced that it will be held at the A.C.C.
center, which is located at the corner of Virginia and Chestnut, on Saturday, September 19 from 10:00-5:00
and Sunday, September 20  from 12:30-4:00. To reserve space, call 304-445-2411 or 304-661-0290.  Rental
fee of one table is $10.00, second table is $5.00.
The former principal's office is available for rent since the EMS Regional office moved to Beckley.  For
information call Alderson City Hall at 304-445-2916.
A steak dinner is scheduled for October 18th and an auction/bake sale for November 7.  These will be held
at the Alderson Community Center.  Several pieces of furniture have been donated and there will be some
old school desks with a set of Alderson High School dinner ware to be sold.  If you would like to donate
items, please call 304-445-2709 for pick up.  A square dance and a gospel/talent show are also in the
planning stages.
New stage curtains are to be installed within four to six weeks.  They are a gift from the Lota Ferguson Bice
estate plus some former class and individual donations.  A new sidewalk in front of the building is another
future project needed.
The gym, former Library, and Home Ed. rooms are available for rent for meetings, basketball, recreation,
parties, dances, classes, reunions, meals, etc. by contacting Alderson City Hall at 304-445-2916.