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Improving The Community One Project At A Time” PO Box 117 -  Alderson W Va.  24910 © Alderson Main Street 2014 Replacement of Plants Along Railroad Avenue Friends:   As many of you know the shrubs on the lot below the depot were removed earlier this summer due to  disease.   City Council has approved a design for replacement of the shrubs in this area as a continuing effort to  make our town look better and better.  Unfortunately, the town budget is stretched to the limit and we, as citizens, are  asked to pitch in and continue the progress that has been made toward the beautification of the town.   The design calls for 3 flowering plum trees, 12 boxwood, and 10 dwarf hydrangea plants along with the compost and  mulch.  This will create a great look along that stretch of RR avenue, and these plants take a minimum of care in  order for them to look good all year.    We are asking each of you to consider sponsoring a plant as a memorial to all of those who have worked diligently  over the years to keep our town moving forward and looking good wherever possible.    If you would please be a  sponsor there are four ways in which you can participate:    You may sponsor one of the dwarf hydrangea plants for a contribution of $50.00.   You may sponsor one of the boxwood plants for a contribution of $75.00   You may sponsor one of the flowering plumb trees for a contribution of $160.00   In the event you are unable to sponsor a plant then we ask that you make a contribution of any amount to assist in  this effort.   Alderson Main Street is acting as the manager of the project and will oversee the planting and landscaping for the  project.   Please make your check payable to Alderson Main Street and mail it to P. O. Box 117, Alderson, WV 24910.   Thank you in advance for considering this project, and if you have any questions please call me, Tom Dameron 304  8397178.