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Improving The Community One Project At A Time” PO Box 117 -  Alderson W Va.  24910 Made with Xara © Alderson Main Street 2013 Hello Aldersonians, I wanted to pass along a flyer (see flyer) that was just sent out to most of the Town mailing list describing what our  newly upgraded recycling center accepts. I noticed that some who use the center weren't on the list, and there were  some concerns that other addresses weren't current. We hope we can cover all the bases by email, and improved  signage. Right now we have the following at the old Ashland station:      shorter trailer accepting any flattened cardboard items     long dumpster #1 -- accepting ONLY #1 plastics (in all bins)     long dumpster #2 -- accepting newspaper/magazines, #2 plastics, and steel/aluminum/tin cans (in separate bins) And coming soon -- junk mail recycling bin in our Alderson Post Office. Please feel free to distribute this information widely! Thanks so much for contributing to this effort. - Recycling Team (helpers welcomed!)