1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Words of Guidance, Words of Wisdom, Words of Power
Richard Hughes

As our class of 1961 approached graduation I got some words of wisdom which seemed to be a prison sentence, but it now seems to be a great joyous liberating experience. My younger junior fellow alderson student said to me, you are 18 , you will have to work the rest of your life. At the time it did not register what a powerful , forceful life implanting statement that was. Many times over the next 46 years, through grinding debt, perceived low pay, educational struggles, mean, hateful, vicious incompetent, prejudice, jealous, out to get you bosses, job challenges , company challenges, fellow worker challenges , capital , money challenges , purchases challenges, landlord struggles and challenges, renter rebellion, government requirements, consumer challenges, bank struggles and conquest, family arguments or debates on what to do, trying to keep everyone on the course following my own individual entrepreneurial life course, stock losses , bad decisions , starting a new civilization, changing business , which the mediocre don't understand and therefore hate. Through all of this, and whenever the battle has weakened me and I have felt incapacity the words of my school mate have echoed ,you have to work forever, through all my defeats disappointments battles, and scars those words have sustained and driven me. Today the battle goes on but now the odds have turned in my favor, I have crossed the goal line. How many points does my family need to score., unless I go nuts, real victory will be ours. Thank you bob holiday for those simple but powerful words, you have to work forever.