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The Worst And Best Day Of My Life
Rick Hughes June 3, 2010

I am going to tell and reflect on the worst and best day of my life. I will only choose one for each and there will be no plurals for each was either devastating in the long run or gloriously beneficial and wonderful. But there can be only one as plural evaluations would always lead to uncertain and sloppy thinking. The worst day of my life, I remember it always in visible terms, I can still remember every awful horrifying scene just as though it was today. I was 9 years old, I woke early 6 o'clock, it was may 21, 1951 in 5 days my 10th year on earth would arrive. I had an awful dream that night ,it was a terrible premonition, I dreamed that my dad had died, life had shrunk and opportunity had evaporated. School was out and I was with my mother and sister in our very small, modest apartment. The sun was out and shown brightly, at exactly 11:30 that morning two men with suits and ties knocked on our front door. They were grim as I answered the door and they asked to speak to my mother. I immediately called out to mom who responded instantly. They told mom with great care and skill that my dad had died of a heart attack at his desk, dad was 55 years old, cut down before his life had been fulfilled. I immediately realized the enormity and significance of his death. Somehow I knew my life would never ever be the same and my road would be a lot tougher as my life coach had bowed out in the first quarter barely after the game had started. It was prophetic, without understanding it, I was to be sent to the end of the line and it would be up to me if I ever got back to the front of the line. That proved to be true and it took me a long long time in a hard fought life to make up for no life coach.

The best day of my life was one I did not realize for a long time. It gradually dawned on me that the best most beneficial day of my life was when I married my wife. She really loved me even though I was never even close to being a perfect husband, but she always pulled on the same rope I did and she stood with me through a long lifetime of hard setbacks, rough struggles, and she helped lead me to the promised land, our individual promised land. The day we got married there was the two of us, we had about 80 bucks of which she gave 50 to the preacher, which caused our first disagreement, but over a lifetime, dispute my short sightedness she has and always will be my inspiration. Just as my worst day, I am sorry it happened, I thank God and my wife for the best day, which has led to many many more wonderful days.