1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Unc Vaughn
John McCurdy 05-13-08


The story of Red Nickels calls to mind a tale told by "Unc" Vaughn, Unc worked for VEPCO near Lexington, Va. His house was near Natural Bridge along Route 11. Unk backed his car out of the driveway and clobbered by a loaded semi. He was severely hurt and for a few days it was touch and go whether he would indeed survive. He did survive and later he returned to the Alderson of his youth. Bought a farm on the Dan Boyles road near Blakers Mill and entered into the communities life. He was a solid addition to the Methodist Church, taught Sunday School and everything.

He once mentioned that the accident had probably been the best thing that ever happened to him. He related that about a week after the "semi" about did him in, he had visitors. Joe Henry Johnson, Jim Rowe and "Red" Nickel drove over to see their old friend for what they figured would be the last time they would see him. By the time they arrived at Lexington's Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital they had convinced each other that old "Unk" was likely already dead. They had also drank just about all the liquid courage they had providently remembered to bring along. After they somehow convinced the receptionist they should be allowed to visit they went to thier old friends room. Imagine their surprise when they beheld "Unk" sitting up in his bed.. "Damn, Unk, You look like you're gonna live", was "Red's" greeting. With that, they left and returned to Alderson!  

Unk swore if he'd known they were in the place he'd have put on a better show, considering how far they'd come!