1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Unique Alderson
Richard Hughes

Alderson was an innocent place to grow up. Our group of wonderful backwoods country boys and girls believed strongly in the uniqueness and valor of our particular place. We honest to God believed strongly in our school and town with great intense emotional conviction. It was through athletic effort and valor of our youth that we tried to make our mark on civilization at that time. We, if I may be presumptuous to speak for our group, were limited in our view of the world and the level of civilization we would influence. Still as for effort, dedication, and intensity of emotion we would have been tough for anyone to beat.

It was a magnificent, tough, admirable, and brutal upward, sideways, and downward journey. Anyone of today’s youth, including my grandchildren, would be blessed but shall never have the chance to experience the uniqueness of that type of upbringing.