1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



David Shields

There once was a man who lived on a hill
out by Wolf Creek way.
He raised his corn for a moonshine still
and loved his lady by day.

At night this man would mount his steed
and gallop off through the valley,
Delivering his 'shine to those in need
while saving the last for Sally.

But while this man was on his mission
one dark eventful night,
He had this awful premonition
that something wasn't just right.

Poor Sally lay dead on her kitchen floor
was the picture in his head.
So he turned away from Sally's door
and went home to bed instead.

But when the sun came over the knob,
he had not slept a wink.
The vision of poor Sally was still a throb,
of nothing else could he think.

Now Thompson was this man's name,
out by Wolf Creek way.
For years he'd played this deadly game
with yet no price to pay.

But the feeling in Thompson's guts
told him that things had changed.
What they would find at Sally McNutt's
he feared would be quite deranged.

And rather than face that music
Thompson cut and run.
His steed would be his sidekick
And life would be no fun.

Now Thompson was gone barely a week
when folks ran dry in the valley.
An angry mob descended on the Creek,
and Carolyn went looking for Sally.

She did not have to look very far
before she found the wench.
Big as all life in the Camelot Bar,
Sally lay drunk on the corner bench.

Carolyn stood in the doorway tall,
an icy glare upon her face.
An eerie silence is what people recall
just before she wrecked the place.

Grabbing Sally by the hair of the head,
Carolyn went straight to work.
"Where is Thompson?" Carolyn said,
"tell me true, you ugly twerp!"

Now Sally hardly knew what hit her
as she slammed against the wall.
She made a spirited effort to recover,
but in the end she took the fall.

Now what happened that night in the Camelot Bar
has become a legend in the valley.
Children sing songs while riding in the car
of the licking Carolyn gave Sally.

And throughout it all and ever since
not a word has Thompson spoke.
Returning to Camelot six months hence,
the subject seems to make him choke.

He settled back in out on the Creek
to raise his corn again,
And to this day on the first of the week
you can buy your 'shine from him.