1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Memories Of Those Gone By
Tom Roush 2008

I was 78 this year and have some memories others might not have. I remember my experience with Abe McLaughlin. He was very inspirational. Everyone wanted to play ball for him. Both my brothers and I played for him. I think I was a junior in High School and we didn't wear face masks. I hit a player on one side and someone hit the other and my nose hit his helmet. It broke the nose but I bravely played the rest of the game. We would die for Abe. A week later when the swelling didn't go down I had an X-ray and found it broke. I wore a black nose guard the next season which made me look really mean. Didn't help my playing much though. Laurence (Bunky) Rowe, Charles (Grubb) Lobban and Bill Bryant played then as well as Con Callahan, Lonnie Shires, and even my rival Cisco Phipps. It was a great time.

I had my hair cut by Charlie Keatley and after that Sam Bennett. As I grew up old Bob who lost his legs was the shoe shine man. He was so friendly and everyone loved him.

Virginia McLaughlin was a beautiful person too. She used to sing solos at Old Greenbrier and once took the team to a game when Coach was sick. She was a great Warden and my aunt Glenna Dameron worked for her back when the prison was maximum security. Tom can tell you all about that. Virginia became a good friend later in life and her passing brought great pain.

Jim Russell ran the old Alpine theatre. I know everyone remembers the Sat Matinee. I went almost every Sat with my brothers. I loved the Green Archer, Buck Jones, Roy Rodgers and all the rest. I remember Jim let me see the projection camera once and I was really impressed. Jim lived across the street from my parents and they were good friends.

Gus Williams was three years older than me but I always liked him. He was always so friendly and I don't think he ever had an enemy. He and Lib were in my brother Bill's class.

Ike and Mary Bess are etched in my memory too. Ike was Principal and Mary Bess was my English teacher. Later after college I worked for Ike as the Band Director for one semester before being drafted in the Korean War. Ike was always fair and friendly.

There were many more but too many to ramble on about. Alderson was truly a Village who cared for all of its children.