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Allan Ladd GALLOWAY Sr.


Town Of Alderson - February 17, 2016

At the Council meeting for the Town of Alderson on Thursday, February 11, 2016, Ms. Arden Williams was declared “a devout and true Aldersonian.”

The Police Department of the Town of Alderson under the direction of Chief Jeremy Bennett and with the assistance of Town Clerk, Cori Spinks and Utility Clerk, Michelle Miller and others, is into its second year of an animal control program which has greatly benefited the town. Stray dogs and cats are picked up by the police officers and transported to holding areas. Every effort is made to find their owners or a new home for them.

However, during the time they are in “custody”, they need care and attention. Mayor Travis Copenhaver said, “In today’s society, many youth don’t volunteer for community service projects unless they are forced, and Arden Williams has voluntarily stepped forward in selfless giving and betterment of the Town of Alderson by assisting our staff with our Town’s Animal Control Program.”

In recognition of her efforts, Ms. Williams received a certificate of appreciation from the town. She is the daughter of Kraig Williams and Michelle S. Littleton.

PHOTO CAPTION: Ms. Arden Williams receives a certificate of appreciation from Mayor Travis Copenhaver

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