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Thankful: Appreciative of favors received; grateful.
Dan Duff - Thanksgiving 07

My wife and I were looking over the past year and agreed how thankful we were for all the people who had come into our life, all the things that had come into our house and garage, but most of all we started looking at the prayers that had been asked and answered over just the past year. It was astounding when we started to name them. Some were small, some huge and a lot were just things we prayed to get us through the next day or the next week or the next month. Then we came to realize, as that new pharmacy commercial jingle proclaims, "Itís just another ordinary miracle day."

Just let me state for the record before we go any further that I do not consider myself very pious, religious, or for that matter even all that good of a person. I donít have an answer as to why I feel that my prayers were given some hidden green light. I just know it works. I will repeat an old preacher who once said, " if you pull the rope and the bell rings, there must be a connection somewhere." I just feel that if I pray and itís answered, well, just maybe there is a connection. I have questioned the very fact that God should listen and answer such a worm as I, but then I remember reading in the Bible where God created man to have conversation and interaction with Him. God only had one rule, "let Me lead.." It was man who turned his back on God and proclaimed, as Satan, to raise himself above the Almighty and try to do everything on his own.

We all have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We should be grateful that God has not left our nation. Although how many times will He be thrown out by our government, our schools and even our churches, before he says to us as He did Adam and Eve "OK, you want to do it on your own and without Me? Go ahead but you are not going to do very well." We should be thankful that we still live in the richest country in the world. Where else do people throw away good working refrigerators, just because they donít like the color. Where else on this planet could a guy like me who is on Medicare, have access to the best doctors in town and at little or no cost to me.

If I had one prayer that I knew would be answered, it would be that the family structure in this country would be put back together. As we see on the TV news and the reports from our schools it seems to be non-existent. The things our children are doing these days to be accepted into society are not only dangerous but are worth nothing. Those whom you think are impressed by those outrageous things you do are not impressed. In fact, they are totally wrapped into what they are doing to try to be accepted by you. The children are given no purpose for today and no hope for the future. Mothers and fathers need to take the care of raising their children back from the schools and the government. The children need to feel the genuine love from their parents. If they are given that at home they will not be looking for it on the Internet or in the streets.

My second prayer would be that we as a nation would go back to using God given common sense. I can state without any fear of reprisal that it is as rare as hens teeth in government, in the news media and in the home. If a man in public office even tried to use common sense these days he would be labeled, chastised and ran out of office.

My third prayer would be that as a nation we would all return to prayer. Not as a last resort, but as an automatic response to any type of problem or trouble. I heard on the news the other day that a group of churches in the Atlanta, Georgia area had tried everything, so as a last resort they were going to go into a prayer session to try to end the drought that has the area short of water. Would that be saying, "OK God, you stand by and if nothing else works, weíll come to you for help."

As for my house we will certainly thank God for all He has done for us over the past year. I have a confession to make however, I do it on a daily basis. That way I donít forget anything at the last moment.

Everyday around here is just another ordinary miracle day.

Happy Thanksgiving