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430 Gallons of Booze!

Tom Dameron - November 25, 2008

315 Gallons of Liquor Captured at Alderson
Alderson Advertiser December 20, 1929

"What has been termed the greatest liquor haul ever made here was accomplished last Monday night when State Policeman Postem, assisted by Constable Roy Brown, took into custody at Alderson a new Chevrolet truck bearing a cargo of 315 gallons of liquor.  The truck came from the east and was headed west toward Hinton when the capture was made.  The driver of the liquor vehicle made good his escape. 

It was shortly after eleven o'clock when Postem and the constable were in the central part of town.  The observed the truck passing through, and Postem's suspicions became aroused as to the nature of its cargo.  He and Brown immediately followed the truck across the bridge and passed it a short distance down the Hinton road.  Evidentially the bootlegger recognized the officer and when he reached the alley that joins the Hinton road with Maple Avenue, at E. R. Fletcher's residence abandoned the vehicle, leaving the motor running and the truck going at full speed.  The State Trooper was unable to stop his car then because the truck was stalled in the mud.  Postem did stop his car as quickly as possible and gave chase, but the man had disappeared.  It was later learned that the driver is thought to have gone east on No. 2 that night.

The liquor was nicely put up in sixty-three five gallon cans, which completely covered the truck's floor space.  The truck bore West Virginia license tags, and they correspond to those issued to A. L. Read of Glen Morgan.  The license, however, were issued for a Sterwart truck while this one is a Chevrolet, and it is believed the tags had been stolen by the rum runner. (No kidding - what great police work!)  It is also thought that the consignment came from near Roanoke, Va., and was being sent to Beckley and Hinton for the holiday demand.  The truck along with the liquor was confiscated.  Now at this point dear reader things were looking up for a great and happy holiday in Alderson, but alas that was not to happen. 
On Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock a crowd of about 200 people witnessed the pouring of the liquor in the sewer in front of the J. N. Alderson Clothing Company, During this process many sorrowful expressions were heard and it is said that after the officers left one or two thirsty souls made a vain attempt to secure a 'nip' directly from a little which had backed up in the gutter."

Car Deserted Carrying 115 Gallons of Liquor
Alderson Advertiser December 27, 1929 

"The second major liquor haul almost within a week at Alderson was made last Tuesday night when 115 gallons came into the custody of local state police.  The new Ford coupe, from which the bootleggers ran, was found at the John Clay farm by Messerís. John Clay and Dana Ayers, and they turned it over to the state police. (This is beginning to sound a little fishy to me) 

The two young men were returning to their homes on the Wolf Creek road and when they approached the John Clay farm observed the car in the driveway there.  Upon inquiring what was wrong the occupants replied that they had stopped to repair their chains.  However, the young men noticed that the chains were intact, and when they mentioned this to the run-runners, of whom there were two, both men fled in the darkness.  This was the last seen or heard of from them.  Clay and Ayers then drove the liquor vehicle to Alderson where it was turned over to the state police.
Yesterday afternoon the cargo was poured into the sewer at Alderson.  The other cargo caught last week here on the Hinton-Alderson road consisted of 315 gallons, which makes a total of 430 gallons of Christmas booze taken this year in this vicinity. 

It is believed that the bootleggers stopped where they did to repair a leak in one of their whiskey cans." 

You might say 1929 was a very good year!

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