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From: The Aldersonian - November 24, 1943

Starting November and ending December 1, Alderson High School is sponsoring a “Jeep Campaign. The Alderson High School Goal:

2 Regular Jeeps @ $1,165 - $2,330
2 “Quacks” @ $2,090 - $4,180
2 Flying Jeeps @ $3.000 - $6,000
Total $12,510

Any bonds or stamps sold through payroll deductions do not count. Any other sales of stamps and bonds to pupils, teachers, father, mothers, and neighbors may be counted if proper certification of credit to the school or class is given at the First National Bank or the Post Office. A prize of $5.00 will be given to the class selling the most bonds and stamps. The class second in sales will be given a prize of $1.00
Wake up Alderson High School: be on the alert! Join in one and all, help win this war, and bring the boys back home.

February 14, 1944
Football Awards

In assembly Thursday morning Coach McLaughlin presented silver footballs to the first 13 football boys who had a successful season and won the Greenbrier Valley Championship. Inlaid on the footballs are the letters 1943 Championship. The boys receiving the footballs were, Kent Boyd, Howard McVey, Bill Bias, Myles Trout, Freddie Williams, Herman Foster, Sammie Williams, Eugene Phipps, John Hedrick, Melvin Callahen, and the three boys who are in service Curt Mann, Eddie Pence, and Dodey Alderson. These boys will receive theirs when they come in on a furlough.
Others who received letters awards were Jimmy Harris Edward Wharton, Gerald Williams, Danny Duff, H. M. Rigg, Bill Roush, Bill Micheline, Clark Nash, Pence Newberry, L. G. Walkup, and Richard Shires for manager. They didn’t receive the letters at the time of meeting because there is a war going on and they cannot get the material to make them.

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