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Help Secure the Alderson Times
Tom Dameron

The Alderson Library can acquire the full two reels containing all copies of The Alderson Times (published from 1951 -1960).  The reels are on film that is accessible in the library.  The cost of acquisition is $279 plus handling and shipping for a total of approximately $300. 

These reels would be a great addition to the library. I would appreciate it if you would feature this great value in The Aldersonian.  The library has collected about $75 thus far so the amount of $225 is what is required.  I am sure that small donations from about 10 or 15 readers would allow this valuable asset to be acquired for the library. 

Those interested in contributing to this cause should forward their check to The Alderson Public Library, (indicate on lower left of check that it is for The Alderson Times) Rt. 1, Post Office Box 147, Alderson, WV 24910.  Your donation is tax deductible for 2009.

Thanks for your help. 

Tom Dameron