1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


The Alpine Theatre Today
Barry Worrell 09

I've been wanting to update the subject on the old Alpine for a while now and I finally realized I might get a picture (above) from Google Earth, aka, "The big eye in the sky". I would like to have an old photo with its overhanging canopy if any of you can come up with one.

As teens from different periods, we all had our places to hang out and for my particular group and others it was the Snack Shack. But I had another place long before I was a teen that was my favorite hang out, and that was the Alpine. At one time I seem to remember it also being the Russell Theatre but nothing before that. I've tried to find a history of the Theatre, but to no avail, so I can only relate to my personal experiences.  If I repeat information that I already wrote in my other article about nine years ago, I apologize.

I dearly loved that old place and saw so many movies there. Even to this day, it's very difficult to beat me in Hollywood trivia although I can't seem to remember to take out the trash when my wife ask me five minute ago.

As I have stated before, I worked there on Saturdays as the projectionist for Mr. Grimes. He recruited me to give him a break. What a great job! I got to sit up in the balcony and see the movie from there. It was mostly sitting down, getting back up, and running back in the projection room to adjust the carbon arcs when the picture would go dim, or out. That, incidentally, was when a lot of you would start yelling. It not only happen to me but a lot of others who ran the projectors. I don't know how old the projectors were, but old enough for the auto adjustors for the carbon arcs to not work. Without the constant adjustment the arcs would burn down and the picture would go dim.  Now you know the reason behind why you were yelling.

Even after I left Alderson I knew there were people that tried to jump-start the theatre again, and I was happy about that, though I wasn't there to use it.  It seemed such a shame not to have a theatre.

So, the purpose is to pay one more tribute to an institution that brought some much joy to so may people.

Just as in the end of a lot of articles, I would welcome your response and reminiscing. I'll gladly attach them below.