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Mrs. Stella Nelson's Limerick For The Class of 1957

Stella Nelson

In my senior class of 1957, Mrs. Nelson was our English teacher and also our sponsor for getting out and putting the Aldersonian to press. Sometime during that year, she wrote these little limericks about each student. I hope someone thanked her for taking the time to do these.

Thanks to Pat Bowyer Ballard for sending this list to me. That was a while ago, but finally after 60 years, here they are. _Barry Worrell

Janice Baker

Now there is Janice Baker she runs here and there
To get away from school as if she didn't care.
She is very nice to look at and smiles so sweet
You couldn't think of a finer girl to meet.
Her tongue can fly-faster than any flutter mill
But ask her a question and watch her keep still.

Sam Ballengee

Sam Ballengee is called the hot rod man.
Did he try to travel faster than he can?
Something dreadful happened to his jalopy
We can not tell you what, because we did not see.
But he walks to school in the rain or the sun,
or a ride he can from the other guys bum.

Nellie Barton

Nellie Barton came to us from Peterstown.
But it didn't take her long to get our "lingo" down.
She acts as if she had always been here.
Asks a dentist date and doesn't show a fear
Even makes her jaw stick out to be away
And with that Monroe guy have another day

Sonny Bennett

Sonny Bennett is the lad without a name
He always comes when called to dine just the same.
He used to spend all his gas on Ronceverte
Now he's learned an Alderson lass is quite pert
To be in the limelight he wouldn't do a thing
Yet I think he would have liked being May King.


Pat Bowyer

Pat Bowyer, the Florida lass, came and went
She went here in the grades till she was southward bent
She came again this year to get a sheep skin
And in the meantime has helped her kith end kin.
Has renewed many friendships she had before
And by her helpful ways has won many more.


Stanley Canterbury

Stanley is very quiet when he's around the girls
You just give him one who listens, he talks in whirls.
He doesn't rush at his work, he takes his time.
But he gets there just the same and falls in line.

Janet Coleman

Janet is a busy lass, busy every day,
If she isn't in school she's on the way.
She must take some time to catch up with news
When she misses school, she asks for all the cues
Who said "what" and "when" and "just what do you think.
Till in every juicy bit of gossip there's no kink.

Doris Collins

Doris Collins is one who is neither big nor loud,
If you ever hear from her its not in a crowd.
What she has to say means so very much
That one lends his ears attentively to such
Kenneth seems to hear every word she says.
And plans to listen to her words for days and days..

Dewey Eary

Dewey Eary goes along through 11 years
No one hears his acclaim, whether joy or fears
He comes quietly into his senior day,
Then suddenly he's voted the King of May.
He attends the Honor Banquet as citizen
To cap it all he's made Student of the Month, then,


Enoma Eggleston

Enoma Eggleston, one who looks to her grades,
Never misses school and lets her marks fade.
She is there everyday with work prepared
And yet has taken part and in all fun shared.
No wonder she looks happy and wears a smile
She knows she merits what she gets all the while.

Madeline Eggleston

Madeline doesn't worry too much about marks
When he's in from service she takes a day and sparks
She figures she can cook and clean and bake
Without quoting figures of speech and chemistry take.
Maybe she is right, at that, I wouldn't know
Since I have chosen another road to go.

Kenneth Ford

While speaking of a girl, we named Kenneth Ford
Well that isn't all that he does above board
He's a student of the old fashioned kind
Who digs into a hard course, work, he doesn't mind
He gets good results, knows when he hits the point
He's not satisfied in life with any old joint.

Charles Hiser

Charles Hiser a good old guy, tries to do
exactly what is assigned by you
He is needed at home till he cant do more
Then to do more than required would be such a bore.
He is willing to use hands around the school,
That becomes real labor when there is no tool.

Margaret Highlander

Margaret, the Valedictorian, of the class
Had no trouble, it was fun for her to pass.
If you gave 100, shed learn 200 lines
Without much effort it seemed at times.
She took part in program, in fun, in play,
And still had plenty of tine to say her say

Jane Holcomb

Jane Holcomb, the official helper to all
Foresaw what was needed whether a pill or ball.
She was there to straighten a tie & or a cap
To accompany the sick to bed for a nap.
To walk the one who took too many rills,
Or to help get lessons and forget her own ills.


Melvin Hunter

Melvin must be a nimrod of the A class
He hooks quite a young one a freshman lass
He sits by her side all morning noon and night.
Quite content never expecting another bite
Suddenly he's aroused by a jerk of the line,
And he's caught a stunner, a sophomore this time.

Bill Keadle

Now there is Bill Keadle, 0 what shall I say?
He is equal to anything that comes his way,
He acts humble, but give him a task to do
And he stays with it until he is quite through
For anything, and anytime he is found to be long
Whether acting, or standing or singing a song.

Carolyn Lobban

Carolyn Lobban was made queen of the May
To reign over A. H. S., Beauty for a Day.
A brunette who has looks, who is kind to all,
Who may be buffeted but never does fall
Into a rage of quarrelsome, angry words
Is likely to come in first, and not in thirds.


Jim Meadows

Jim Meadows is president of this class
He guides them wisely, and he knows how to pass.
He likes his chow very well, watch him at noon.
He eats so long he can't get back very soon.
Or is it because he must do the cooking too.
And then Its so tough he has to chew and chew?

Jim Meredith

Jim Meredith is quite a talented lad,
He can sing and play, his acting's not bad.
In habits he's like the Irishman's flea
You try to find him, you say "where can he be?"
In the library, upstairs, among the dead?
Or is he at home just lying in the bed?


Charles Moody

Charles, another  Moody who can build all things,
Is called upon each day, his tools he brings
To make a form for concrete, to build a house,
To cut a window on the stage, to trap a mouse;
And he must do these with a wood-ax and file,
There are no tools, Charles brings them with a smile

Eddie McCallister

Eddie another of the McCallister clan
He may be the 5th, the 6th, or 7th man
To come from this family that knows he knows,
How to get a living from a land by hard blows.
They don't hold out a gimme" hand to you so
But by the sweat of their brow they earn the dough.


Hilda Patterson

Hilda Patterson is quiet as can be
You can not hear her, but look, you can see
The boys all think she would be nice to look at
If that boy, C, K. wasn't close to her sat.
And you cant move him an inch with T. N. T,
He's worse that way, folks, than any one can be.


Marietta Phillips

Mary is a Phillips now to the nth degree
She can converse or  argue as if on TV.
She is never without a word for each day,
Each hour, each year, She will have something to say.
And loud enough to hear. We wonder if Bob
Is able to listen and not lose his job

Johnny Runyon

Johnny Runyon is liked by everyone.
In everyday life he has a lot of fun.
He does not neglect a duty any day
But works diligently even if it does pay,
His persistence get him a good job at the White
And we are assured he is doing alright.

Andy Russell

Andy is not always certain what he aims
To do with his time, he can squander his fame,
Miss the point all together by trying to get by
When with brains and good judgment we wonder why
He skips his study hail and slips through doors
Just to seem to be difficult, nothing more.

Carol Shelton

Carol Shelton, Mr. Ellison's crutch, dream bright,
In A. H. S. is always trying to make things right
She knows our bank balance, our schedule and such,
She keeps us in line, also keeps us in touch
With the very thing we need and use each day
From the first of school in September till May.

Leota Smith

Leota, a pretty lass chooses the back seat.
Is it because she's tall, she tries to hide her feet?
Or is it to get far from her teachers chair
So, she'll not hear when the teacher does dare
To ask her a simple fact about the lesson
She can pretend she did not hear the question.

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas does not have time to go to school
She pretends she does; according to the rule.
She should not be called on to miss a day
Unless she is sick, very sick, too sick to stay
Excuses are often too lame to stand alone
They need support, a brace, or a good back-bone.


Henry Mann

I got my A B C's mixed up and left out some
Now there's Henry Mann who is not so mum
That I should forget him, or get him out of line
When I am making such an inelegant rhyme.
But here is to you Henry, You always count
May you as you go through life all tasks surmount.

Betty McClung

I never know if Mc's should come 1st or last
But certain it is that Betty isn't in the past
She's very much present and quite up to date
There's only one event that may make her late
If she's to pose or have a picture to make
She may hours, or days, before the mirror take

C. K. Sweetwood

Apparently Mrs. Nelson, in all her work forgot
to do one for C. K. and fill this last spot.
So I'll, for now, post his picture with no fear
If someone has different list to send, I'll include it here.

Ruth Walkup

There's Ruth Walkup who may be last but not least
That is when it comes to an intellectual feast,
In the four years she's put many in the shade
By quietly sticking to her work to make a good grade.
By expressing an opinion at the right time
She may continue learning's ladder to climb.

Barry Worrell

Barry Worrell is more than a versatile chap
He can make music anyway just clap and clap.
With equal grace he understudies in a play
Or writes for the paper all in the month of May
If called upon impromptu he's willing
And is often on a program as a fill-in.

Class of '57 you're the apple of my eye.
If I have revealed secrets I didn't try
To hold you up to ridicule in this way
Or to deflate you so near commencement day
These are some incidents that was able to find
And are only meant for fun, not to be unkind.
_Stella Nelson

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