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Sarah Alderson - November 28, 2017

Hi folks,

Well - we're almost there! The kick off for this year's Grand Illumination is this coming Friday night with the Christmas Parade. Line up is at 5 - festivities start at 6pm. I have a few loose ends to wrap up - questions and reminders, etc.

1.) We are actually MISSING some of the decorations for Santa's Village. :( We planned for fixing some things and adding to it...but didn't realize several pieces were missing. Various items were stored in the little green building owned by the town...and at least a couple of individual's basements. If anyone knows what might have happened to any items - and/or any other place they might have been stored - please let us know quickly! There was a banner, some large outdoor pre-lit "packages", and a some other items we can't find.

2.) We could still use at least some more lighted reindeer and spiral trees to fill the space...especially since we are missing some items. If anyone would like to donate these items and/or money to buy/replace them...that would be wonderful! We DO really need them before Friday morning. Contact Lynda and/or me...you could also drop anything by Alderson's Store. (While we do appreciate any donations, at this point we really need NEW items that we know will work. It's too late to be testing and fixing things for this year. Thanks!)

3.) I think all of the buildings that are normally lit up now in the Historic District are ready to go...if not, please make sure they are! Also, I think most businesses have their windows decorated, etc. Things are looking great!

4.) Please decorate your own homes if you can at all (I know many people are putting all their energy into their businesses and public buildings....) - and encourage all of your friends and neighbors in town to do the same thing! We would like to work on being known as a sort of "Christmas Town" along with our Best 4th of July Celebration....so, the more decorations and lights all over town, the better!

5.) I never received any photographs to put together a Facebook page specifically for the Grand Illumination...which is not to say that it's too late. If anyone has some from last year, feel free to still email them to me. AND, please be sure to take lots of photos this year of all the events throughout the month of December. If I can start a page now...we can be updating and reminding people all month that things are going on. But, at the very least, we'll have a good collection of photos to choose from to start promoting next year's Illumination early on!

Thanks again so much to everyone for all the hard work going in to this - you all are awesome! The Grand Illumination has taken off and already grown beautifully. I look forward to adding even more to it next year with your help!! :D



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