1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



A True Tale in Alderson from Long Ago

Rick Hughes - September - 25, 2016

Many, many years ago, almost back to the dawn of recorded time, I use to while away time in Harry Meredith's gas station. Harry, was one of the best people I ever have known in life, but I digress.

Jim Meredith, another person I have enjoyed for a long time, who happen to be Harry's son. He and I would chew tobacco and make unbelievably wise statements about current conditions! One day as we sat in the station as, let's just call the gentleman Robert, walked by the station. The sight of Robert made me extremely angry, and I said angrily to Jim, "there goes Robert who owes me thirty dollars and he better darn well pay me!"

The next day as I was walking down town, I went past Harry's station because I had something to do down at the snack shack. Jim told me later that Robert was in the station and as I strolled by Robert observed , "there goes Hughes, he owes me forty bucks I sure hopes he pays me!"

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