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Rick Hughes - January 17, 2015

It is with A small tint of arrogance that I write this! Never have I felt so joyful as at this moment. Through most of this past football season I have hardly paid any attention. It is my privilege, if you want to term it that, to know a man that went to law school at Ohio state and one would practically think that as a second job he coaches Ohio state football. At any rate he is constantly telling me what a superior outfit they are and how it is only through bad fortune and sour luck that prevents them from championship after championship.

Well this year they didn't need any luck, or miracles. This year they are a truly great team, if I may immodestly state that.  The best player they have, no matter what anyone else says, is that great big super strong quarterback. He is one truly great talent. He can throw that ball so far and so accurate under all adverse circumstances. Also, he is not an above average runner, he is not a good runner, he is a great runner, and when he is trapped or encircled he doesn't run out of bounds or fall down, he lowers his shoulders and keeps on coming! He crashes pell-mell into the tackler, and just as a person knows when they have been in a car wreck, the tackler knows when he has been hit. That quarterback is fast and a high stepper.

Another attribute, he is very colorful and a real showman without trying to be! My prayer would be when he turns pro he continues to develop and flourish and his great potential is reached! He has brought enormous pleasure and joy to his new fans and as I told John, I fervently support Ohio State as long as we are winning, should they ever decline, John, I wish you and your team lots of luck!

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