1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Another Unsung Alderson Hero

Rick Hughes - May 3, 2015

There were some real heroes of history in Alderson, if you define doing an extremely kind and humane action to assist a youth in their early march in life. Shag Patton, did me a favor I will never forget, but at the time due to my comparative ignorance was not recognizable by me for how great it was.

I paid for every penny of my own education with my own money from my own labors until my senior year. I worked in that very uncertain period during the summer at snowflake under the tipple. Going onto my senior year I was out of enough money to get me through. I knew nothing about money in those days.

Bankers were very very conservative and banking was almost 100 percent local. The bankers were very protective of local customers and their shareholders. Anyway, I went to the banker who seemed somewhat unsettled about loaning me money. Looking back its understandable, but considering my later actions wrong. Anyway, the banker said he would let me know? A week or so later Shag Patton told me he had co signed my note and I could continue to go to school. My ignorance was beyond comprehension, I had no idea what a favor Shag had done for me.

I went on to get a undergraduate and masters degree. After I got a job the bank sent me a bill which, remember I knew nothing, I did not pay! The banker sent me a letter telling me how credit was a great privilege and failing to pay an obligation caused all types of terrible chain reactions. You can bet I paid that bill and I do not believe I have ever been late on any bill because it is your chief obligation as an American citizen to pay your debts when they are due!

Shag Patton was one great American and he did me a great favor. I doubt Shag is still with us but he did a very poor boy a very great favor and I will never forget it. He was a super American and a super Aldersonian!

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