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The Night I Scored 53 Points In Less Than 3 Quarters!

Rick Hughes - September 17, 2014

Years and years ago, longer than I like to think about, I was privileged to score 53 points on a cold dark Tuesday night in early February. It was a night where I had no idea what was coming, but I was an extremely talented basketball player, like a ballet dancer on the field of combat. I could jump and move like a cat, but still just a naive young kid.

We were playing Lewisburg, at our gym, which had some real excellent talent in the Bantons. Sam a senior was a very good outside shooter and a fine competitor. Jerry was a promising sophomore who performed inside, plus they were pretty good team overall. That night they marched into Alderson prepared to put it to us in our small gym.

From the start of the game until I left early in the third quarter I had the Midas touch. Early in the game Al McLaughlin threw a beautiful pass to me under the basket and I slammed it in. That was the beginning, as the game progressed I was shooting from everywhere and the ball went in. Everything I threw up went in! Sometimes, the enemy fouled me as I faked and then sprung upward.

One either good or bad habit I had developed over the years was to play aggressive defense, where I tried to block shots and often was successful! Unfortunately, that night I fouled out about 3 minutes into the third quarter. We were ahead 66 to 34 and wound winning 79 to 55. That was not the best game I ever played but it was the highest scoring game I ever had, and we won!


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