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Living Dinosaurs

Rick Hughes - July 19, 2014

The last time we discussed a living breathing prehistoric phenomena. A real survivor of a different and distinct world. Now it might be enjoyable to ponder the question ,if one life form can survive is there any chance of anymore survivors? Like a particularly fierce killer-cousin. Now we were all taught that the dinosaur died long ago, and we just took that as gospel. Now ,my curiosity was stimulated, so I did some exploring.

First, to my surprise, there are quite a few alleged sightings of dinosaurs in the most remote uninhabited area of the world today. The precise location where most sightings come from is in the northwestern Congo. This is mostly uninhabited, although there are local tribes on the fringes. The entire region is about the size of Indiana, Ohio, and Pa. These dinosaurs if they exist, survived the Cretaceous extension event. Those crypto zoologists are not talking about birds and they do not mean crocodiles. They are speaking about real live dinosaurs.

The best evidence they have of this is that local tribes in equatorial Africa know of huge frighten creatures living in the depth of the jungle. When researchers show the witnesses pictures of different animals they point to dinosaurs and claim that is what they saw. Is it possible that deep in the African jungle these killer beast have survived? Deep in the Congo the scientific explore-rations have never witnessed these giants, but the local tribes insist they are alive and killing. The name of the elusive dinosaurs is Mokele MBEMBE and there are numerous stories of how this beast loves to slaughter Hippos. They assert he has killed so many hippos, that the rivers in the area at times stop flowing because there are too many dead hippos stacked up. The Mokele Mbembe as identified by the science community says the creature described by the tribesmen resembles a auropod dinosaur species. Some grew to 200 hundred feet in length, but even small ones 50 feet or so would be huge compared to modern animals. According to the Congo tribesman, the beast will attack and kill a human anytime it comes in any contact with a human. Whether this species exist we do not know, but it would seem to be a very good possibly because of the large number of locals who have said they saw or encountered the living dinosaurs.

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