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Elephants Are Noble Creatures!

Rick Hughes - April 2, 2014

My wife and one of our sons recently went to southeast Asia for 35 days. While we were traveling through Indonesia we had the extreme privilege of meeting a group of elephants. They lived in one of the many elephant parks maintained in that nation. We were able to ride the elephants for about 5 miles, and all the elephants are limited to one rider at a time.

The elephant is a magnificent specimen whose average lifespan is 80 years. They never ever forget anything, which sure has me beat! This means they always remember you! Elephants are extremely gentle and kind as long as you reciprocate! I met Kinga, A very large male and put my hand on his tusk, gently petting it, as I looked him in the eye he had a gentle affectionate stare, then I reached slowly and petted him between his eyes and messaged his trunk.

Susie, a female was also very sweet, I petted her head and talked sweetly to her. The elephant used to be A very important means of transportation, but with the proliferation of the car and motorcycle that task for the elephant became obsolete.

At first the elephant, having no viable task wondered the countryside and often caused problems in the urban areas! Once the Indonesians decided to protect the elephant, his survival was assured and his conduct vastly improved! The elephant when he is forced to live viciously can and does kill Tigers and all manner of enemy! The elephant when treated well is as noble, friendly, and loving creature as you will find among God's creatures! My family is wonderfully pleased that this most noble of God's creatures is being treated humanely by the Indonesians and therefore able to reach their humane potential!

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