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A Serious Advanced Nation

Rick Hughes - April 21, 2014

We have been to 24 nations and we have never seen any nation compare to the United States, having said that, one of the most advanced nation in the world is Singapore. It was rated as the freest economic nation in the world right now! It is an exceptionally prosperous nation. Staying there at the Hilton hotel it was by far the best most luxuriant hotel we had ever stayed in or seen.

Singapore is a very serious society. If you sell drugs they inflict the death penalty on the criminal! As you enter the country there are signs up warning of the punishment for drug use! There are large signs up telling you not to drink and drive. Singapore, will fine a person 10,000 bucks the first time you use graffiti, and after that it gets much harsher! It is possible to walk around Singapore without fear of crime, they simply do not tolerate it.

Now on the subject of welfare or unemployment, they will provide it short term, but you must get A job within 2 months or they completely cut you off. They have an unemployment rate of about 2 percent.

Singapore use to be the opium den of Asia. it was poor, filled up with crime and prostitution, unsafe and downright dangerous. This is almost an economical and sociological miracle! One person I talked to there said there main task was to please people like us, tourist because they depend on foreign tourism. The part of Singapore we saw was very clean, immaculate. There was no crime, no dirt, no gangs. This demonstrates what a small determined serious nation can achieve! Also, it shows no matter how slimy or low a nation or people sink, through hard discipline and the right values and goals it can achieve greatness. Singapore was a real inspiration to my family, may God always bless America and other nations that attempt the struggle for advancement! Also, it is a place of extreme unusual beauty!

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