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Rick Hughes - December 3, 2013

Watching that return by Clemson against Alabama was like watching a miracle or near out of body experience. The Clemson player was 9 yards deep in his own end zone just to the left of his own goal post. Alabama was on its way to another national title, all it needed to do was prevent any long return and they would heroically be the national champion of college  football. 

Just from an outsider view, it did not seem to matter whether ALABAMA stopped the runner on his one yard or on say the fifty yard line as long as they stopped him. As you watch the action you can see there is something not quite right. After the kick  Alabama's line does not move quickly off the line of scrimmage, but when they do, its almost in slow motion they drift left and slowly move down the field. The punt returner seems to move in fast motion, straight up field in super speed to the left and his blockers in perfect sequence form a wall of protection . The return man is fast, however there are 10 decisive seconds when it could have all ended. As the runner approaches midfield behind a wall of blockers, he gets dangerously close to the sidelines and just for a split instant he has problems with his balance. It was at that moment I thought he would fall out of bounds, but he miraculously regained his equilibrium, and with blocker protection on both sides ran spectacularly into the end zone. That punt returner was a great runner, he reminded me of Alan Galloway 

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